Trish Weeks

Trish Weeks

  • Biography

    Trish’s vibrant work reflects her response to the things she sees that she feels breathe and vibrate. Her technique creates a tactile experience using simple compositions and complex layers of color. Those who have experienced her work in person describe it as “a dance with color.

    Trish’s works, marked by impressionistic wisps and bold colors, are abstract landscapes that provide inspiration and beauty to every space they hang. As a graduate of UC DAAP with a B.S. in Fashion Design, Trish has an keen eye for compositions, which enables her to build complex layers of color into her abstract landscape paintings. Her work comes to life through free and intuitive movements of the palette knife that allows Trish to intensify the depth and color clarity of the piece.

    Trish’s colorful abstract landscapes have garnered national attention and can be found in galleries across the United States. Her work has also been included in private and corporate collections throughout the world.

  • Exhibitions


    General Federation of Women’s Clubs, 1997 & 98 1st Place Award.

    Middletown Fine Art Center, Plein Air Show, 2000-03, exhibit.

    Middletown Fine Art Cntr, Area Art, Juried Show, 2000-03, exhibit.

    Rosewood Gallery, Kettering, Works on Paper, juried, 2001, exhibit.

    Kaldi’s, Cinti, Oh, May 2001, solo show.

    Middletown Fine Art Center, 2001, solo show.

    Cincinnati Ballet Designer Showhouse, Spring 2001, exhibit.

    Cincinnati Art Club, Signature Show, 2001-2016; Abstract Show, 2019, exhibit.

    The Columbus Cancer Clinic Auction, 2001, exhibit.

    Rottinghaus Gallery, Cinti, Oh, 2001 & 2002, solo shows.

    Middletown Fine Art Center, September 2001, 2002 & 03 Award.

    The Greater Cincinnati Foundation, 2002 & 03 exhibit.

    The Wells Gallery, Charleston SC, 2002 exhibit.

    La Parade Gallery, South Carolina, 2002-2004, exhibit.

    Taft Museum, Evening in the Garden, June 2001-2009, 2011, exhibit.

    York Street Gallery, Newport, Ky. April-May 2002, solo show.

    All Ohio Landscape Competition, 2002&04 Awards. 2006, 08 &10

    ViewPoint, National Art Competition, 2003, 2004 Award, 2008-10

    Grand Finale, Glendale, Oh., March 2003, solo show.

    the gallery, Beaufort, SC., 2003 solo show, 2005 & 08 exhibit.

    Berringer-Crawford Museum, 2003, 04 Award, 2005-09, 2017, 2018 exhibit

    Charles II Gallery, Charleston, S.C. 2004-2009, exhibit.

    Designer Showhouse, Charleston, SC, 2004, exhibit.

    Art of VI, Ran Gallery, Cinti, Oh, 2004 exhibit.

    Herman Miller Gallery, Cinti, Oh, 2004 exhibit.

    Gorman Farm, Reading, Oh. 2004-2007 exhibit.

    University of Cincinnati, 2004 & 2005 exhibit.

    NKU National Miniature Show, 2005, exhibit.

    New York Art Expo, New York, NY, 2005, 2010 exhibit.

    Cincinnati Flower Show, 2005, 2010 exhibit.

    Marquette Gallery, Cinti, Oh, 2005 & 2007, exhibit.

    Cincinnati Art Galleries, 2005 exhibit.

    Clossons Spring Show, March 2006, exhibit

    Zoo Blooms, Cinti, Oh, Juried Show, April 2006, exhibit.

    University Club of Cinti, Spring Show, 2006 & 2007, exhibit.

    Atlanta Art Expo, Atl, Ga, 2006, exhibit.

    Edgewood Gallery, October 2006, solo show.

    United Appeal, Cinti, Oh, 2006 & 2008, exhibit.

    M Willis Gallery, Cinti Oh, November 2006, solo show.

    The Gathering, Cinti, Oh, 2006, solo show.

    Women’s Art Club of Cinti, Signature Show 2005-2016, exhibit.

    Art Comes Alive, Juried Show, 2006&07 exhibit, 2013 Awards.

    Cincinnati Art Museum, winter event, 2007, exhibit.

    Kennedy Height’s Art Ctr, Cinti, Oh, Juried Show, 2006-08, 2016, exhibit.

    Family Nurturing Center Gala, Cinti, Oh, 2006 – 2009, exhibit.

    Secret Artworks Invitational, 2006–2008, 2009 Top 100, 2011-2016, 2018

    Summerfair 40yr Invitational, Cinti, Oh, 2007, exhibit.

    Xavier University, Cinti, Oh, juried invitational show, 2008, 13, 17, exhibit.

    Hillside Trust/Cincinnati Art Museum, Oct 2008, exhibit.

    Gallery 42, Mason, Oh, November 2008, exhibit.

    Starfire Gala, Cinti, Oh, 2008, 2009, exhibit.

    Courtyard Gallery, New Buffalo, Mi, 2008 - 10, 2014, solo shows.

    Greenwich House Gallery, O’Byronville, Oh, 2010, 12, 14, 17, 18, 19 exhibit.

    Columbus Designer Showhouse, 2010, exhibit.

    Cincinnati Art Museum, Duveneck Show, 2010, 2012, 2013, exhibit.

    Taft Museum, Art in the Afternoon, 2010, exhibit.

    Loveland Museum Show, 2010, exhibit.

    Gallery One, Multiplicity Show 2010, Pop Out Painting 2015, exhibit.

    5th Street Gallery, Cinti, Oh, November 2010, solo show.

    Cincinnati Opera, fundraiser, Dec 2010, exhibit.

    Cincinnati Nature Center 2009 - 2019 exhibit.

    Mapleknoll, Springdale, Oh, Plein Air Show, March 2011, exhibit.

    Renaissance Hotel Invitational, Columbus, Oh, 2011, 13, 14, exhibit.

    Hayley Gallery, Columbus, Oh, 2011, 2014, 2015, May 2017, 2018 solo shows; Twelfth Anniversary Show 2019, exhibit.

    Secret Artworks, Masterworks Invitation, Oct 2011, 2012, exhibit.

    Artisans Enterprise of Covington Ky. April 2012, exhibit.

    Mary Martin Gallery, Charleston, SC, 2012, 2014, 2017, 2018 solo shows.

    Art Beyond Boundaries Invt’l, 2012, 15, 16, 19, exhibit.

    Northminster Invitational, Finneytown, Oh, Feb 2013, 2014, exhibit.

    Harvest Gallery, March on Women, March 2013, exhibit.

    ACA Inter’l Invt’l, 2013 Landscape Pinter of the Year,2015-18 Awards.

    YWCA Invitational Show, 2008, 2013, 2017 exhibit.

    UC DAAP Alumni Invitational, 2013 & 2016 exhibit.

    The Carnegie, Rieveschl Gallery, Kentucky, Dec 2013, solo show.

    Lloyd Library & Museum, Juried Show, September 2014, exhibit.

    Art for Life, Columbus, Ohio, Juried Show, Sept 2014 & 16, 18 exhibit.

    David Shuley, opening, Hyde Park, Oh, Feb 2015, exhibit.

    Sinclair College, Dayton, Oh, Plein Air Painters, Feb 2015, exhibit.

    American Artist Magazine Competition, 2015 Finalist.

    Wash.Park.Art, Still Life/New Relevance, Sept 2015, exhibit.

    Hyde Park Art Show, Cinti, Oh, Oct 2015&16 Awards, 2017, 2018, 2019, exhibit.

    AEQAI, juried invitational show, Cinti Art Gallery, 2015 - 2018, exhibit.

    ANEA Bistro, Montgomery, Oh, opening, Nov 2015, solo show.

    Pazzuti Collection, Modern Art Museum, Columbus Oh 2016 exhibit.

    Columbus Art Museum, Juried D’Art for Art, Feb 2016, exhibit.

    Malton Gallery, Cinti Oh, UC DAAP juried alum show 2016, exhibit

    Andell Inn, Kiawa Is, SC, Apr 2016, Artist in Residence, solo show.

    Ohio State Fair Fine Art Exhibition, July 2016, exhibit.

    Joe Stewart Gallery, O’Byronville, 2017 & 2018, exhibit.

    Cinti Art Galleries, Return to Beauty: Asian inspired Art, March 2017 exhibit.

    Banz Gallery, group show, Oct 2017; Second Anniv. Show 2019, exhibit.

    Christ Church Cathedral, July 2019, exhibit.

    Eisele Gallery, The Woman’s Art Club 125 Anniversary Show, 2018 exhibit.

    Indian Hill Gallery, July & Nov 2019, exhibit.

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Trish Weeks

Rhapsody of Blues
20 x 60 ″ Oil on Canvas $2,650.00

Trish Weeks

Amber Waves
30 x 40 ″ Oil on Canvas $3,400.00

Trish Weeks

Tangerine and Teal
24 x 24 ″ Cold wax on cradled birch plywood $1,695.00

Trish Weeks

24 x 24 ″ Cold wax on cradled birch plywood $1,695.00

Trish Weeks

Country Road
24 x 36 ″ Framed: 25 x 37″ Oil on Canvas $2,495.00