The Picket Range - David Pirrie

David Pirrie

The Picket Range

34 x 48 ″
Oil on Canvas 34" x 48"
This painting is of a particularly remote range in northern Washington. In fact it is likely the most remote and inaccessible place you can find in the lower 48. In trying to climb the Picket range some years ago, it took our party 4 days of strenuous route finding just to reach the base. Fortunately we were successful and ended up spending a week in the area climbing various peaks that make up the heart of this amazing protected area.The painting was only done recently, and as with many of my works I have overlaid a grid of dots, as if connoting a map of some sort. In contemporizing my mountainscapes in such a way I am also using layering to bring greater focus on the mountain itself, with all its knife-edges, arêtes, and crumbling glaciers.